Sep 14

Wednesday: Patreon!

My friends, Tapestry of Ages Games is now on Patreon.

Take a look! Consider supporting the making of The Dark Unknown, get sneak previews, maybe get a poster. It will hopefully be a fun journey.

While this is on the Patreon page itself, I’ll quickly answer the two main questions I get:

  • Why a Patreon?

Well, people keep asking me “do you have a Patreon?” So I felt like maybe I should just go ahead and do that. I don’t expect to be making rent money out of this, but there are people who would like to contribute, and now there is a way. Additionally, it’s another way of building a community. Not to dismiss the support I’ve gotten in other ways from the surprising number of people who read me on facebook or twitter! But it is, even so, a thing.

  • Haven’t you already done a Kickstarter?

Yes. The Kickstarter was specifically for art for the manual and game box. I have those now. (Side note: they are awesome.) Yes, I have money beyond what I started out asking for, but as it happens, the total amount of money I have already spent on getting this game made is more than the KS took in. Is more money necessary to finish it? No. But will it help me pay hosting fees and the like, and maybe get to the point where I can commission a tileset. We’ll see!

Check it out if you like, and hey, either way: thanks for reading, and I hope to make a game you’ll really love.

– Adam


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