Sep 15

Thursday: Art and DLC

Today, two small announcements.

One- The first draft of the Art of The Dark Unknown book is half done! I’ve completed the introduction and Bestiary sections, and hopefully the other half will go more quickly now that I know what I’m doing. The art book has definitely been more work than anticipated, surprise surprise, how often have you heard that about kickstarter rewards? But it will be worth it once it’s done. I’m pushing on getting it done sooner because it is a kickstarter reward and I’d like to be able to fulfill it sooner even if it delays the game itself by a bit.

Two- this is just an idea I’m floating and thinking about, but I’ve had a few ideas for possible DLC! These would be entirely optional and quite cheap, but it could be a way to make a little money on this project since I’m committed to leaving the actual game be free. Ideas include two mini-story arcs for after you win the base game, and I’m batting around the idea of making basically a crafting mod. It’s the kind of thing that yeah, would be cool to have be in the base game but I really do need to be keeping it from bloating too much. There’s a lot of interactivity already, but at the moment it isn’t quite that much.

They’re just ideas so far, maybe I won’t do them at all, maybe I will. But now you can be excited or unimpressed along with me!

Now below this cut, there is a sample page from the Art of book. I hope you enjoy! (On a page in the Intro I explain that text on a blue background is written by me, on yellow is written by Indi, and on orange is a reproduction of our chats while we were working together!)