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Nov 11

Design Diary 1: Time

As part of my push to have more going on while I work on The Dark Unknown, I have started a series of Design Diaries. I have published the first, talking about how I am using Time in the game. Check it out at Design Decisions 1 – Time.pdf ! (Note that you can …

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Sep 16

Announcement Week Epilogue

Thanks for bearing with me through announcement week. As you may have guessed, it was as much about me trying to be better with engaging on various forms of social media as it was about the actual announcements- though the last one was one I’d been sitting on for a while. Here’s a summary of …

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Sep 12

Announcements Week!

Last week, I announced on Facebook that this would be Announcement Week, when I would unveil various things about the future of Tapestry of Ages Games and the Dark Unknown. Then, life hit and I got slammed for the rest of the week. We got to Monday, today, and I didn’t really have all my …

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Oct 05

Site move

I’ve moved to new servers. We’re now hosted alongside the Ultima Codex, which I find exciting. The site will be undergoing slow upgrades and content additions as I slowly port things back over from the old site. The timetable is approximately “whenever I get around to it”, as this is competing with developing Kickstarter …

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